If you've got it, haunt it. 

Does this even need an introduction? I’m sure we have all seen the classic horror movie, IT and are still haunted by Pennywise the evil clown. You can recreate this look using the Cheeky Chopstick Styler. These curls are designed to last you all night long and are most certainly party-proof!


Where’s all my soul sisters?

Okay, we admit it, there is nothing scary about this look but Dirrty has had it’s day and we all about the Lady Marmalade vibe this season. Try out something different and style your hair like the iconic, big hair attitude Christina Aguilera using the Cheeky Chopstick Styler for gorgeous volume and bounce. 


Here’s to looking extra BOO-tiful!

If you're feeling a little devilishly daring, why not try out this spooktacular look using the Mischief Chopstick Styler for bigger, bouncier curls.


Madusa baby!

She will  turn you into stone with just one look. ;) Madusa is such a vibe this 2021.

Styled with the Mischief Chopstick Styler.



Just because you’re lifeless for the night, doesn’t mean your hair needs to be.

Is there anything more boring than dead straight hair? (excuse the pun).. we don't think so! You can never go wrong with dressing up as a classic playboy bunny for Halloween but why not spice it up a bit using the Extra Confident Chopstick Styler. All we’re saying is if looks could kill, this one most certainly would x 



Moral of the story is nothing completes your Halloween look more than the perfect Halloween hairstyle to tie it all together. 


The question is, which Halloween hairstyle will you be trick or treatin’ this year - Sexy or Spooky?