With Christmas less than a month away we thought we would give you a bit of inspo, all about the hair of course.




Tangle Teezer Easy Dry & Go Vented Hairbrush – In pink of course. Tangle Teezer have created this brush with quick and smooth drying in mind. The teeth and vent work together for an easy, frizz-free style. Available at Look Fantastic









Kitsch Satin Sleep Cap - Designed to reduce breakage, tangles and frizz, this cap creates a non friction barrier, unlike sleeping straight onto a pillow, and helps your hair to still look good the next morning. Available at ASOS










Kitsch Deep Conditioning Processing Cap – This cap is perfect for those overnight treatments. The aluminium helps trap heat allowing for treatments to penetrate the hair shaft for quicker, more effective results (and it stops your hair mask getting all over your pillow). Available at ASOS









Ouai Matte Pomade  - We love the look of a slick back curly pony, think Bella Hadid, and this is the perfect product to tame those fly-aways and get the perfect sleek look. Available at ASOS










SILKE London Cleopatra Hair Ties – 100% silk means less damage on your hair. They provide a super strong hold without leaving a kink (no one wants that) and doesn’t pull. Available at Look Fantastic











Chopstick Styler – Firstly, no shock here… our new Attitude collection. We’ve upped the quality with titanium barrels, super-fast heat time and you have to admit the colours are beaut too. Whether its super tight or mermaid curls you are after, we have a styler for you, and the curls are guaranteed to last +3 days, meaning less time styling and more time celebrating the end of 2020 ayy!! Available at Chopstick Styler








Color WOW Smooth Bundle – This is the perfect set for smooth frizz free hair. The bundle includes Color Security Shampoo (250ml), Color Security Conditioner for Fine to Normal Hair (250ml) and Dream Coat Supernatural Spray (200ml). Once you’ve taken care of your hair in the shower use the spray to chieve a sleek and silky texture. Available at Look Fantastic







Olaplex Holiday Hair Fix – This festive box includes everything you need to repair, rebuild, strengthen, hydrate and eliminate frizz this holiday season. Inside you will find No.3 Hair Perfector™ (100ml), No.4 Bond Maintenance™ Shampoo (100ml), No.5 Bond Maintenance™ Conditioner (100ml) and No.6 Bond Smoother™ (100ml).  This routine helps to improve the overall health of your hair... oh and how festive is that packaging. Available at Look Fantastic 








Cosmopolitan Cotton Candy Soft Touch Beach Hair Waver – This waver creates the most beautiful mermaid waves. It has a super quick heat up time, variable temperature and the best bit… unique variable wave depth - just a flick of a switch and the wave style changes. Available at Argos








Happy shopping and have a very Merry Christmas beauts!



Chopstick xxx



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