I’m pretty sure we all would looove to look like the Jamaican-Canadian fashion model, Winnie Harlow, which is why it’s a good thing our hair can just by using our Extra Confident and Cheeky Chopstick Styler! 


Lucky for you we have put together this tutorial for how you can get this sexy look at home and be a sassy style queen with a crown of glorious curls (and guess what, you can do this all without any hairspray, teasing or extensions!) 


Step by step tutorial:


  1. Turn on your Cheeky Chopstick Styler by holding down the on/off button and then click through until you've chosen your desired temperature.
  2. Put on your heat protection glove and remember to use a heat protection product.
  3. Split your hair in sections starting from the back.
  4. Wrap small sections of hair around the barrel
  5. Hold only a few seconds as the titanium barrel is the best conductor of heat (notice there is no steam- thats because unlike other stylers the Chopstick locks in hair moisture!)
  6. Unravel the curl and leave to cool
  7. Swap to the skinnier barrel (the Extra Confident) and alternate between the Cheeky and the Extra Confident to get that 2-dimensional look!
  8. Once the curls have cooled down simply unravel to double your hair volume


Now you can rock that curl confidence girl. It’s only our pleasure ;) 



Chopstick Styler