We created Chopstick Styler™ to overcome two of the most common curling challenges:

  • Curl longevity.
  • Curl suitability for all hair types.

Do your curls drop as soon as you walk out the front door?

Do you find that most curling wands hardly create a significant curl in your hair

Do you have to wait a day before you can curl your hair?

Have you lost your natural curl due to over straightening/processing?

We get it and we can help.


Curls should be lazy girl proof. We all have things to do people to see parties to attend to.

Your Chopstick™ style is guaranteed to last up to 3 – 5 days no matter what your hair type.

No hairspray is needed with our stylers and the best part is you can curl your hair on freshly washed hair. So turn up your hair volume and create a raucous!



After a lengthy, scientific research process we discovered that rectangular shaped barrels hold the hydrogen bonds in your hair better than round curling wands thus rapidly reducing curl drop-rate.

This is why all of our Chopstick Styler™ barrels are rectangular. Don’t worry your curls won’t look rectangular in fact, they will look more natural than ever. All of our signature stylers are all completely in your control with variable heat settings.

P.S: If you think it takes hours to style, think again. With our ultra-fast PTC heaters, you can fully style your hair in no time at all.