November 21, 2018


New Device Revolutionizes Hair Curling Forever

Cindy May

If you have tried everything and always been disappointed by how fast your curls drop, then join the club.I tried: every curler I could afford, pinning my curls immediately after styling so that they would cool down before unpinning them, expensive brands of mousse, holding sprays, curl 'enhancers' and complex, time consuming routines that I found on Google. Some of which started the night before! Unbelievable.


So is there a hair curler out there that has a unique square barrel? Yes! The curler I am talking about is the Long Chopstick Styler and it's what happens when a straight-haired woman who is frustrated with her 'curls', product designers and technical engineers come together to change the way women curl their hair forever.

This team tooled an innovative new design - a square and narrow barrel that tightly coils any type of hair for a full 48 hours. That means your hair looks just like it did 2 minutes after styling - 2 days later. Day 3 onward you'll start to get beach waves.

Chopstick Styler has started to make a name for itself. Instagram influencers and everyday women are rocking their tightly coiled curls.

Women don't just love the Long Chopstick Styler because it works, but because they don't need to waste so much time with expensive products and prepping routines! 

Simply order yours by tapping here and it's ready to be plugged in to curl your hair as soon as they arrive.  

Here's how my hair looks 2 days after using it: